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Simbi’s Global Library shelves thousands of books ranging from diverse cultural perspectives to popular titles. Filter by grade, reading level, and interest to support each reader.

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Simbi readers are motivated to read books aloud, improving their reading skills, while understanding that they’re supporting 50,000 others learning to read globally.

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…by reading along with your voice!

Reading along with our digital highlighter while listening to a proficient narrator is a proven technique to improve reading ability. With Simbi, learning readers around the world improve their literacy by listening to your learners’ voices!

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Simbi is the only technology that uniquely empowers kids to make a difference with the power of their own voice.

Simbi combines learners’ narrations with the text of a story to create an engaging audiovisual book that other learners can read along to globally.

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Why Literacy Expert Adrienne Gear Uses Simbi

Simbi helps teachers bring global stewardship into their classrooms, and helps students expand their horizons. They learn about people around the world and make a difference by reading.

Adrienne Gear

Literacy Expert & Author of Reading Power Gear Curriculum Series

empower your learners

Turn the act of reading into the act of giving. As students read for good, track their progress, gain valuable fluency data, and provide meaningful feedback & assessment.

Learn how to motivate your readers like never before! 


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