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We focus on reading, the number one predictor of academic success.

King David High School

Vancouver Talmud Torah

Semei Kakungulu High School

Hadassah Elementary School

Yonatan Netanyehu Memorial School

University of British Columbia

St. George's School

IIT Bombay

Himalayan Public School

York House School

Edith Cavell Elementary

McGill University

King David Victory Park

Islamic University in Uganda

Coquitlam College

 Simbi is helping over 27,000 learners improve their literacy across 250 schools in 38 countries.

Our Mission

Simbi exists to empower people to “read for good,” in both the context of lifelong learning and a desire to create positive social impact. Our products make reading meaningful by enabling our readers to read along and read aloud to a growing library of books and seamlessly access the world’s largest repository of culturally-diverse narrator accents. 

Our Promise

We believe in charging a fair price to schools, non profits, and larger organizational partners such as the UNHCR. We believe in reinvesting surplus profit back into supporting our social mission of helping people access quality educational material and fall in love with reading!

Our Values

Prioritizing impact is foremost core values and helps the team make important decisions quickly and decisively. Putting impact first means that our readers are put first, whether they’re a learner, parent, or educator. Simply put, we prioritize positive, social impact.

People are our very core. Whether the brilliant team behind Simbi or our global community of learners, parents, and educators, Simbi was created by passionate people, for passionate readers. Humanity and our ever-growing thirst for knowledge is what drives us.

Simbi is first and foremost, a technology company. We use innovation to remain on the cutting edge of reading and to push the behaviour of reading. We innovate to stay defensible, relevant, and maximize value to our readers.

Simbi grew out of a Masters’s and Ph.D. research study. We harness the scientific method to validate our reading interventions and apply this same level of research across the board, be it marketing or exploring new customer segments. Our Simbians strongly believe in what we do because we see the impact through randomized control trials. This internal motivation is felt by our users and is the foundation for our confidence in our technology and pedagogy.

Simbians are curious, lifelong learners. On our off time, you will find us reading, learning about the latest and greatest technology to improve our products, and constantly searching to quench our thirst for information. We recognize that curiosity and a love of reading is foundational to lifelong learning and we devote ourselves to helping to make reading meaningful for others to further promote the importance of curiosity.

Simbi exists to help people read more books, more often and find meaning in doing so. When our readers provide suggestions that can support this, this information is prioritized. When our metrics indicate room for improvement or optimization to help our readers use Simbi more effectively, it is prioritized. If the reader is a customer and they are not satisfied, this is our fault and it is remedied as soon as possible.

Our Team

We are deeply passionate about helping people find meaning in reading. Our team consists of a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds.

Aaron Friedland

Chief Executive Officer

Adrienne Gear

Literacy Expert

Pavel Kozlovsky

Chief Technology Officer

Alex Gillis

Chief Marketing Officer

Raphaël Titsworth-Morin

Lead Developer

Jennifer Phi

Community Coordinator

Jamie Brooker

Product Strategy Advisor

Colin Mansell

Technical Strategy Advisor

Dr. Samson Nashon

Literacy Advisor

Dr. Wade David

Language & Culture Advisor

Mido Desanti

Business Development Advisor

Make reading meaningful for your learners while helping them to improve their reading skills.
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