Get reading support at home with Simbi Reading Coach 

Reading shouldn’t stop after the bell.

Embark on an adventure, fall in love with reading, and make a positive impact with your voice. Read anytime of day.

Free books at any time with our always-accessible Library

Explore fascinating new worlds, and earn rewards as you progress along your Reading Journey

Earn volunteer hours by narrating books and helping others around the world learn to read

Stay up to date with your child’s reading activity, and discover areas for improvement

The research-backed approach to developing powerful reading skills

Simbi is developed in collaboration with literacy experts and reading teachers from around the world.

Simbi’s methods – Reading Along, Narrating, TellMe and more – are proven to improve reading comprehension, fluency, and memory.

Simbi helps motivate both avid and struggling readers to improve their own proficiency, and to help others do the same!

Get reading support at home with Simbi Reading Coach

Your Reading Coach provides personal and step-by-step guidance to help your child reach their reading goals.