Expert Literacy Assessment
Insights from our literacy experts on your child's reading

Our Experts, Their Literacy

Simbi’s literacy experts will personally assess your child’s reading fluency by listening to their voice. To start the assessment, your learner will record themselves reading our standardized benchmarking passages out loud through Simbi’s online reading platform. Once our experts have reviewed your child’s readings, you’ll receive a detailed assessment with recommendations to help your child improve their reading skills.

Simbi is a Reading Platform

Whether it’s for story time, homework, or classwork, Simbi will help your child fall in love with reading and become a better, more confident reader. You can choose from Simbi’s growing library of audio-visual books, or upload your own for your child to read.

Responsive Assessment

Simbi’s dashboard provides an overview of your child’s reading proficiency and performance over time. You’ll get the information you need to better understand your child’s literacy fluency, but most importantly, Simbi will give you the insights you need to help your child along with their literacy journey and inform what books they should be reading next.

Have questions for our team of literacy experts? Reach out to us through the orange chat button on the right — we’re here to help!

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