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Whether it’s children’s books, short stories, or even your students’ own Simbi Story Studio creations, the Simbi Library gives you access to thousands of books for free! Sort by genre, grade level, Fountas & Pinnell level, and more to customize your learners’ reading experiences.

Class Activity and Reading Progress Dashboard

With Simbi, you can easily manage and track your learners’ reading progress. Monitor reading activity, view words-correct-per-minute data, listen to students’ narrations, and more – all within one seamlessly integrated dashboard.

Bring Global Citizenship into the Classroom

With Simbi, your students’ voices can have global impact. Simbi has partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to improve the literacy landscape for refugees in Uganda. Simbi’s unique Read for Good platform allows students to share their voices and narrate Simbi Books for over 50,000 learning readers and 120,000 refugees across 60 countries to read along globally.

Listen-In to Read Aloud Narrations Assignments from Your Class

Simbi lets you easily assign books for read alongs or narrations to any learner or reading group in your class. Track when readers have started or completed assignments from your dashboard and listen-in remotely to assess their fluency.

Allow Learners to See Instant Feedback for Their Narrations

Connecting with your learners is quick and easy on Simbi. With just a click of a button, you can provide instant feedback for your students’ narrations – anytime, anywhere!

TellMe Comprehension and Communication

Simbi’s TellMe verbal retell feature empowers learners to build comprehension skills by summarizing and answering questions about the story that they have just read along to or narrated. You’ll be able to listen back to those recordings and provide direct feedback or words of encouragement to keep your students motivated on their reading journey.

Reading Competency Assessment

Developed in collaboration with literacy expert Adrienne Gear, our unique reading assessment identifies seven reading competencies: pace, phrasing, punctuation, intonation, self-correction, sound out strategies and literary retell. These assessments will provide you with evidence and insight to organize reading groups, and help guide and focus your reading instruction.

Class Reading Groups

Simbi encourages students to learn and develop at their own pace. That’s why with Simbi, you can create customizable reading groups for differentiation, book clubs, literature circles, and more! Set group reading goals and assign books at different reading levels to accommodate every student.

Add Co-Educators and Learning Resource Teachers to Your Reading Groups

We cater to your class structure so you can have all hands on deck. Add co-educators and learning resource teachers to a shared dashboard to help manage your class reading groups.

Volunteer Hours

At Simbi, we believe in giving back to others. We offer volunteer certificates for any learner or class who needs to track their volunteer hours. Simply read aloud books for our global library and earn volunteer hours as your narrations are submitted.

Lesson Plans from Leading Literacy Experts

Simbi is designed to complement your class curriculums and enhance your learners’ learning. We’ve got the basics covered to get you started. Access our lesson plans from our Leading Literacy Experts to help integrate Simbi into your classroom curriculum.

Professional Development Videos from Literacy Expert Adrienne Gear

Unlock access to professional development videos from our literacy expert Adrienne Gear. Educators and learners alike can explore key readinfg fluency topics surrounding pace, phrasing, intonation, and more to become better readers!

Weekly Impact Reports 

When your learners narrate on Simbi, readers from all around the globe get to read along and listen to their books. Your learners will receive their personalized Simbi Weekly Impact Report outlining how many Simbi readers have read along to their narrations, helping them understand how their voices are creating an impact on a global scale.

Help Learners to Become Published Authors with Access to Simbi Story Studio

With Simbi Story Studio, learners get the chance to write and publish their own original stories! Create and share stories to Simbi’s global library and impact the lives of 50,000+ readers across 60 countries.

Get Started in 30 Seconds

Setting up your class on Simbi is easy, and we’ll provide you with step by step onboarding resources to help you set up your Simbi platform at your own pace. Those with an upgraded Simbi Class or School plan will also receive additional professional onboarding sessions with our team.

Chat, Email, Video & Phone Support

We’re here to help! We want to ensure your experience with Simbi is the best it can be. Our Simbi team is just a chat, email, or call away to help provide you with the support you or your learners need.

My daughter Gia, is a third grade student who had big ideas but was too shy to share them… After using Simbi for just one month she not only improved her reading skills and confidence, but she truly gained a voice and the confidence to speak in front of her entire school at their year end assembly! As an elementary school teacher, I’m now sharing the gift of Simbi with my students to build global citizenship in the classroom while making reading meaningful.

Jessie Claudio

Grade 5 Teacher

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