Simbi Teacher Features

Spend less time marking and more time connecting

We help educators like you improve reader skills and confidence by gaining a deeper understanding of your learners’ needs.

How Simbi helps you as an educator: 

Bring joy, meaning, and global citizenship to reading

Enjoy thousands of engaging, levelled books any time of the dayfrom popular publishers to diverse African & Indian tales.

Read for Good

When learners read on Simbi, they truly read for good, lending their voices to over 50,000 learning readers and 120,000 refugees across 60 countries.

Library access any time of day

Each learner’s personalized Reading Journey helps develop consistent and positive reading habits with books on their level and interests.

Increase skills, fluency, and motivation

Simbi’s pedagogy guides learners from learning reader to reading leader. 

Read Along

Students read along  with the digital highlighter while listening to a proficient narrator. Reading-while-listening is a proven technique to increase reading skills and boost confidence.


Narrating empowers learners to add their own voice to the story by recording into the platform. Reading out loud incites the “production effect,” locking in comprehension and increasing fluency.

Track reading activity, comprehension, and progress

Gain a deeper understanding of your students’ needs by tracking reading activity, listening to their narrations, and tapping into comprehension & meaning-making strategies.

Listen-in to student reading

Listen to your students’ narrations anytime, anywhere. No more need for high pressure on-the-spot reading assessments.

TellMe verbal comprehension & communication

Readers build comprehension skills by re-telling and answering questions about a story. Listen to their responses and provide direct feedback or encouragement.

Provide feedback & assess reading all in one place

Create consistency in your reading program by making Simbi your one-stop-shop: library, feedback, assessment, and growth.

Page-by-page feedback

Connect with your learners from anywhere by recording feedback and asking questions on any page of their reading.

In-app assessment tools

Keep record of learner progress with the automated running records and Reading Competency Assessment, developed in collaboration with literacy expert Adrienne Gear.

Gain a teacher’s eye view

Manage and organize students with ease. Each feature in Simbi allows for deeper understanding of a learner’s needs to inform reading instruction and differentiate learning.

Reading groups & leaderboard

Help students learn and develop at their own pace. Create customized reading groups for differentiation, book clubs, literature circles, and more! Set group reading goals, motivate learners with leaderboards, and assign books at different reading levels.

Educator dashboard

View class and individual reading activity, jump to a Listen-in, and gain valuable automated words-correct-per-minute data.

Inspire critical thinking with cross-curricular connections

Reading is the cornerstone to many other important life skills and subjects. Let Simbi be your jumping point!

French, Spanish, ELA, SEL, STEAM & more!

More than just a reading platform, Simbi provides connection to meaningful skill-building in other curricular areas.

Global citizenship

Reading with Simbi empowers your students to become global citizens by sharing their voice with others. Reading along to kids from diverse countries with a variety of accents celebrates differences and bridges connections around the world.

Ask a Teacher

What impact has Simbi had on your classroom?

Coquitlam School District 43

Make reading meaningful

Turn the act of reading into the act of giving. As students read for good, track their progress, gain valuable fluency data, and provide meaningful feedback & assessment.

Why Simbi over other reading platforms?

Simbi Standard works with full iOS and Android capabilities, offering students and teachers a library of thousands of levelled books any time of day.

Simbi Plus provides educators with invaluable reading data to enhance responsive teaching through Listen-ins & verbal feedback, the TellMe comprehension tool, reading assignments, and even more powerful features!

Simbi vs. RazKids >

Is it easy to switch to Simbi from another reading program?

Absolutely!  Getting started with Simbi is a breeze. We offer fluency passages for each grade level to benchmark reading levels. Our literacy experts carefully level each book according to Fountas & Pinell’s text descriptions, as well as Adrienne Gear’s Gear Levels.

We have a helpful Simbi Reading Levels Correlation Chart to help you switch from many other reading programs!

Do you offer a school account?

We do offer school accounts! Our Simbi at School accounts bring Simbi across the school community. We also provide customized professional development. If you’d like to get more information or a quote, set up a demo with our team.

Do you offer any support or training?

We want you to take advantage of Simbi fully. That’s why our helpful guides, live chat, on-demand webinars, and email support are included for free with every account! For those that prefer a live training experience, our Simbi at School accounts have you covered! Book a demo to get started.

Can I get a receipt or invoice?
Teachers who are looking to expense their Simbi Plus subscription through their school may contact to request a receipt. If you require special notes on the receipt, please let us know. Please note that this is only available for Simbi Plus Yearly subscribers.