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Keeping track of your students’ reading levels and conducting regular reading check-ins can be time-consuming. With Simbi’s unique dashboard, teachers can track their students’ reading journeys, listen back to their read aloud and retells on their own time, organize reading groups, and identify areas requiring support. Whether in a small group “Simbi Center” or during independent reading, your students will learn reading competency skills while you gain valuable insight.


Reading Competency Assessment

While teachers conduct formal reading assessments to determine reading levels, not all provide specific feedback for next step instruction. Developed in collaboration with literacy expert Adrienne Gear, our unique reading assessment identifies seven reading competencies: pace, phrasing, punctuation, intonation, self-correcting, sound out strategies and literal retell. This will provide you with insight to organize reading groups, and help guide and focus your reading instruction.


A Reading Platform

Educators can use SiMBi for homework, in the classroom, with family, and friends. Whether it’s for story time, homework, or classwork, SiMBi will help your students fall in love with reading and become better readers. You can choose from SiMBi’s growing library of audio-visual books, or upload your own for your students to read.

Global Literacy

With new changes curriculum, many teachers are looking for ways to encourage students to become global citizens and give back to their global community. Simbi’s unique “Read for Good” platform offers empowers students to contribute their voice to the Simbi Global Library. This volunteer activity can be combined with class projects and fundraising activities to support literacy around the world.


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