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Simbi uses techniques backed by science. Our “read along” and “narrate” systems, combined with the power of a collaborative platform, instil intrinsic and altruistic motivation to help drive a reader’s desire to read and improve proficiency.

Your content will jump off the screen as rich visuals and our proprietary highlighter technology guides the reader through the book.

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Publishing your content to Simbi’s global community of 50,000+ users takes less than 5 minutes and guarantees visibility in our library within 24 hours. Simbi currently licenses books via a combination of upfront licensing fees and an amount per completed read. Simbi pays out publishers monthly with a minimum payout threshold of $100 CAD based on reader completion.

Your Content, Narrated…

Readers are more likely to remember information if they read it out loud. Studies show that narrating, dubbed the “production effect,” enables the dual action of speaking and hearing oneself. The production effect has been linked to significant benefits on memory.

…and Read Along to!

With reading along, often called, “bimodal reading,” readers significantly improve their comprehension and fluency skills. In trials conducted around the world (Canada, Uganda, India, Puerto Rico, and China), students exposed to our Read Along technique consistently outscored the silent reading group.

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