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Why Literacy Expert Adrienne Gear Uses Simbi

A lot of teachers ask me what Simbi is and why I think it’s important. When it comes down to it… It’s about two things for me. I feel like Simbi is a way of helping teachers to bring global stewardship into their classrooms and helping students expand their horizons to learn about people around the world while making a difference by reading books. Simbi gives students an opportunity to actually see how they can make a difference by using their voice to narrate books that will be used by others learners around the world to learn how to read. Can you get any better than that? How can you not have children trying to make a difference by reading books online?

I just can’t ever imagine not using Simbi in my classroom!

Adrienne Gear

Author of the Reading Power, Writing Power, and Powerful Understanding Curriculums

Simbi in the Classroom

With a Simbi for School licence, classroom educators can use the Simbi platform to support their reading programs. Students can work independently to improve their reading skills on the Reading Journey and educators can use the Simbi platform to help them assess, organize, and plan their reading programs. Educators can also extend the notion of global stewardship in their classrooms by researching areas in the world where Simbi is making a difference to global literacy.

Global Literacy

With new changes to curriculum, schools are working hard to develop responsible citizens who give back to the local and global community. Simbi’s unique Read for Good platform combines reading with giving back to the world and offers younger students a way to contribute. Make reading for good your school-wide goal and work together to make a difference.

Reading Competency Assessment

While teachers conduct formal reading assessments to determine reading levels, not all provide specific feedback for next step instruction. Developed in collaboration with literacy expert Adrienne Gear, our unique reading assessment identifies seven reading competencies: pace, phrasing, punctuation, intonation, self-correcting, sound out strategies and literal retell. This will provide you with insight to organize reading groups, and help guide and focus your reading instruction.

Volunteer Hours

At Simbi, we believe in giving back to others. We offer volunteer certificates for any student or class who needs to track their volunteer hours. Simply read aloud books for our global library and earn volunteer hours as your narrations are submitted.

My daughter Gia, is a third grade student who had big ideas but was too shy to share them… After using Simbi for just one month she not only improved her reading skills and confidence, but she truly gained a voice and the confidence to speak in front of her entire school at their year end assembly! As an elementary school teacher, I’m now sharing the gift of Simbi with my students to build global citizenship in the classroom while making reading meaningful.

Jessie Claudio

Grade 5 Teacher

Create global citizens at your school today! 

“I’ve never seen my students so motivated to read!”

Learn how ​Vancouver Talmud Torah School used Simbi to ​champion global citizenship​ and read more than 300 books during literacy week to support their Simbi Partner School.

Beyond the Classroom

With Simbi for School, your teachers can assign reading assignments for homework and encourage students to keep up their reading beyond the classroom! Students have access to their personalized reading journeys at home, making reading at home more enjoyable and independent. Parents can also gain access to their child’s dashboard so they can listen in to their progress. Siblings, parents, and grandparents alike can all get involved by becoming readers for good and narrating books for Simbi’s global library.

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