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Global Literacy

With new changes to curriculum, schools are working hard to develop responsible citizens who give back to the local and global community. Simbi’s unique “Read for Good” platform combines reading with giving back to the world and offers younger students a way to contribute. Make “Read for Good” your school-wide goal and work together to make a difference.

Simbi in the Classroom

With a school licence, classroom educators can use the Simbi platform to support their reading programs. Students can work independently to improve their reading skills on the Reading Journey and educators can use the Simbi platform to help them assess, organize, and plan their reading programs. Educators can also extend the notion of global stewardship in their classrooms by researching areas in the world where Simbi is making a difference to global literacy.


Volunteer Hours

At Simbi, we believe in giving back to others. We offer volunteer certificates for any student or class who needs to track their volunteer hours. Simply read aloud books for our global library and earn volunteer hours as your narrations are submitted. Please contact us to generate your volunteer hours certificates.

Simbi at Home

With your Simbi Pro for School licence, your students’ families can benefit! Students have access to their personalized reading journeys at home, making reading at home more enjoyable and independent; parents have access to their children’s dashboard so they can listen in to their progress; parents, grandparents, and siblings can get involved by reading along and reading aloud books for the global library.


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