Key to Literacy
Our Offline Solution to Literacy in Low-Resource Settings

A world of voices— one reading platform

Simbi’s library has narrators from around the world who read for good, and learners get access to culturally relevant stories in local accents.

Simbi has partnered with the UNHCR to provide the gift of learning to 400,000+ refugees in Bidibidi & Nakivale, Uganda. Full partnership details are available at sim.bi/unhcr

Simbi readers fall in love with reading

Simbi’s is helping more than 12,000 learners in 25 countries improve their literacy rates using two methods: Reading While Listening and Reading Out Loud. Simbi works both online and offline and readers improve their 2x in as little as 3 months while enjoying engaging audiovisual books. More details on the research at simbi.io/the-science

Read anywhere, anytime

Simbi is built to support all types of groups and communities, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re a classroom, community group, or anything in between, Simbi is the most effective and engaging way to help your learners improve their reading fluency. Our Key to Literacy has 1000’s of books in a Read-Along format for learners to enjoy!

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We’re always looking for new partners to help make a difference and improve global literacy. Request a key and join the Simbi global library.

Make reading meaningful for your learners while helping them to improve their reading skills.
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