Our Mission
To Help People Fall in Love with Reading

King David High School

Vancouver Talmud Torah

Semei Kakungulu High School

Hadassah Elementary School

Yonatan Netanyehu Memorial School

University of British Columbia

St. George's School

IIT Bombay

Himalayan Public School

York House School

Edith Cavell Elementary

McGill University

King David Victory Park

Islamic University in Uganda

Coquitlam College

 Simbi is helping over 23,000 learners improve their literacy across 250 schools in 35 countries.

Our Team

We are deeply passionate about helping people fall in love with reading. Our team provides a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds.

Aaron Friedland

Chief Executive Officer

Adrienne Gear

Chief Learning Officer

Pavel Kozlovsky

Chief Technology Officer

Alex Gillis

Chief Marketing Officer

Raphaël Titsworth-Morin

Lead Developer

Kathleen Keeler

Sales Lead

Stephanie Mrakovich

Director of Community & Customer Success

Colin Mansell

Technology Advisor

Dr. Samson Nashon

Literacy Advisor

Dr. Wade Davis

Language & Culture Advisor

Mido Desanti

Business Development Advisor

Jamie Brooker

Product Strategy Advisor

Our Values

1. People first: the utmost respect for our customers, team & partners. 2. Maximize global impact through literacy. 3. Transparent, socially conscious & evidence-based decision making. 4. Promote lifelong learning. 5. Achieve financial sustainability to ensure the success of our community.

Our Promise

We believe in charging a fair price to schools, non profits, and larger organizational partners such as the UNHCR. We believe in reinvesting surplus profit back into supporting our social mission of helping people access quality educational material and fall in love with reading!

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