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Simbi has partnered with the UNHCR to provide the gift of learning to refugees in Bidibidi & Nakivale, Uganda. These two refugee settlements house 400,000+ people and we will be implementing Simbi at these camps to improve reading and fluency. Full partnership details are available at sim.bi/unhcr

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Educators can use Simbi for homework, in the classroom, with family, and friends. Whether it’s for story time, homework, or classwork, Simbi helps students become better readers. By reading out loud, your voice will assist thousands of students as they learn how to read.

Read Aloud and Help Shape Global Literacy

As a Simbi Reading Leader, your read aloud book narrations teach others around the world as they read along with Simbi. Reading aloud is easy – you can do it anytime, anywhere from your laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Steps to Read for Good

1. Ensure everyone has access to a laptop, tablet or smartphone

2. Sign up in 30 seconds at read.simbi.io

(If you’re under 13, be sure to get your parent or guardian’s permission first! Have them fill out this form: simbi.io/consent)

3. Filter book type to “Books for UNHCR” and select any book

4. Click “Read Aloud” to start recording

5. Click the circle-checkmark button to submit your first page

Aaron Friedland, Simbi’s CEO, presents on Reading for Good

Help your learner improve their reading fluency two-fold in as little as three months with Simbi.
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