Give your students a reason to read.
Whether you're in school or at home, Simbi's global impact makes reading meaningful.
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Become a Global Reader

Contribute to our global library by reading aloud and recording your voice to support readers around the world. Select books from an extensive library and use your voice to empower others to learn how to read.

Improve your reading skills for free

With Simbi Basic you can access our global library, read along and read aloud to any of our books, learn from insightful reading tip videos from our Literacy Expert, and build reading confidence by earning Simbi Points as you progress throughout your reading journey!

A Reading Platform

Educators can use SiMBi for homework, in the classroom, with family, and friends. Whether it’s for story time, homework, or classwork, SiMBi will help your students fall in love with reading and become better readers. You can choose from SiMBi’s growing library of audio-visual books, or upload your own for your students to read.

Work with a personal Simbi Reading Coach

Looking for extra help with your reading? Simbi Pro provides you with a detailed Reading Competency Assessment, an analysis from your personal Simbi Reading Coach, and weekly check-in video calls to help keep you on track! Beyond your Reading Coach, you’ll have access to our entire library of step-by-step reading tip videos from our Literacy Expert, an independent daily reading plan to help you progress along your reading journey, and an advanced dashboard to track your readings while sharing progress with your reading coach and parents.

Give your learner a reason to read by bringing global stewardship into your classroom while seamlessly assessing their reading skills.
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