Summer Reading Club

About the Club

Read throughout the summer to maintain fluency skills, foster curiosity, and continue learning!

Explore the diverse levelled library with books from top publishers!

Join kids around the globe to reach the reading goal!

Every book narrated is recorded as volunteer time!

Next year’s teacher can listen in to summer reading!

Parents stay updated on reading activity.

Let’s see how much we can read for good this summer!

Listen-in to student reading.
Listen-in to student reading.
Listen-in to student reading.

Let’s get reading!

Looking for 1-on-1 reading support?

Simbi Reading Coach provides your child with their own certified personal reading coach and an engaging reading journey, empowering them to learn at their own pace.

Week 1: Making a Difference

Everyone, big or small, can make the world better place. Let’s explore how you can do this through reading!

Author Chat: Linda Grace Smith


Week 2: Global Citizenship

Part of making a difference is celebrating people and cultures all around the world. This week, let’s read about global citizenship!


Week 3: Space & STEM

What is STEM? It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This week, let’s explore, ask questions, and dive into the big wide world of science!


Week 4: Animal Fun

The Animal Kingdom has so many different species to explore. This week, let’s learn about animals and their habitats around the world!

Author Chat: Terri Tatchell

Week 5: Sports

Sports take all kinds of shape and form, from team to individual games! This week, let’s learn about awesome athletes alongside the Olympic games!

Week 6: Planet Protector

We all live together on planet Earth, so we need to take care of our home! Let’s learn about what we can do, no matter our age.

Author Chat: Evelyn Bookless

Week 7: Friendship & Kindness

Being kind to everyone you meet is a way to make friends, and to make the world a better place. Let’s read about how our favourite characters show kindness.

Week 8: Poetry & Rhyme

Rhyming is fun for everyone! See what we did there? Let’s have fun reading our favourite poetry!

Author Chat: Kenn Nesbitt

Can my child join anytime throughout the summer?

Yes! Simply register to receive the Magic Join Link. Join the fun any time throughout the summer to help read the goal of 1000 books! Previous weeks’ activities will be available for download as well.

Can students read if the teacher deletes class group?

Yes! Student accounts, whether they were created by the learner or by the teacher on their behalf, are independent accounts. If teachers delete the groups, students can still sign in and read.

Does my child's account carry over to the next school year?

Yes! Any reading done over the summer on a learner’s account can be viewed by teachers in the fall when they are added to the class group. Talk about seamless!