The Science
Proven Techniques to Improve Literacy

Backed by Science

Simbi uses techniques backed by science. Our “Read Aloud” and “Read Along” systems, combined with the power of a collaborative platform, instil intrinsic and extrinsic motivational inputs to help drive a reader’s desire to read and improve the reading proficiency.


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Read Along

Reading Along, often called, “Bimodal Reading,” statistically significantly improves comprehension and fluency gains. In trials conducted around the world (Canada, Uganda, India, Puerto Rico, and China), students exposed to Reading Along vs. Silent Reading consistently outscored the Silent Reading group.

Read Aloud

You are more likely to remember something if you read it aloud. Studies show, that Read Aloud, dubbed the “production effect,” enable the dual action of speaking and hearing oneself that has the most beneficial impact on memory.

Make reading meaningful for your learners while helping them to improve their reading skills.
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