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Learning Readers to Reading Leaders

Simbi’s pedagogical approach, developed in partnership with literacy expert Adrienne Gear, leverages techniques backed by research.

Our “Read Aloud” and “Read Along” features, combined with the power of a collaborative reading platform, instil intrinsic and extrinsic motivation that drive a learner’s desire to read. They want read to improve their own proficiency, and to help others do the same!


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Read Along

Reading Along, often called, “Bimodal Reading,” statistically significantly improves comprehension and fluency gains. Trials conduct globally have shown that students exposed to Reading Along vs. Silent Reading consistently outscored Silent Readers.


You are more likely to remember something if you read it aloud. Studies show, that Read Aloud, dubbed the “production effect,” enable the dual action of speaking and hearing oneself that has the most beneficial impact on memory.

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