Turning Learning Readers Into Reading Leaders

For kids ages 6-12 who are struggling to read, Simbi motivates them to love reading, boosting reading achievement faster.

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Are you struggling with your child's reading? 

Simbi can help.  

My child doesn't like reading

Wanting to read improves reading achievement. This is why Simbi is built to respond to every child's interests and reading level.

My child is struggling and I don't know how to help

Never get blindsided by reading problems again. Simbi will explain reading level and specific areas of success or struggle to show how they’ve progressed and what skills to focus on to improve faster.

I want to see my child is progressing in their reading

See and hear the progress. Simbi reading report cards coupled with your child's own recorded narrations mean you'll always know where they're at.

I am not sure what books my child should read

Simbi's responsive library includes 1000’s of books by diverse authors that allow every child to see themselves in what they read. Content suggestions are picked by Simbi journey to match your child’s level so they are challenged but not overwhelmed.

The Simbi System: 4 Steps to Success

  • Motivational Journey

  • Proven Progress

  • Responsive Library

  • Make a Social Impact

A gamified reading experience. Earn badges, succeed at fun challenges and explore new worlds with your own Simbian.

Scientifically proven to boost reading progress.

Simbi's methodology is scientifically proven to boost reading progress faster


Bimodal Reading

Simbi harnesses the power of bimodal reading - reading while listening - and the production effect - reading aloud increases recall - to quickly solidify fluency and comprehension.


The Production Effect

When we narrate, we remember words or information about a text more easily than if we read silently. This is called the ‘production effect’ (MacLeod, 2011). After we have narrated, we are more easily able to access the words and information from our memory, locking in comprehension and new vocabulary.

Why do parents love Simbi?

Walter said he hated reading when we started SRC, started crying and said he was the worst reader in his class. By the end of the school year, he was caught back up with his classmates (2 months with SRC) and was loving it. The coach was fantastic!
Even for me as a parent, after working a bit with Simbi I was starting to understand how to help him better. I learned strategies to help him in a way that I was not able to get from school.

Kelly Parent

With so many digital distractions, it’s not a surprise that literacy rates in North America continue to decline. I decided to try Simbi as a way of encouraging my kids to read and actually enjoy it. Simbi’s reading platform records your child’s voice as they read - did you know you’re more likely to remember something if you read it aloud - and shares their narrated voice with other users on the platform. My daughter loves seeing how many people listened to her narration each week, and which countries they live in - now I can’t get her to stop!

Nicole Parent

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What level of support is right for your child?

Simbi is designed to support developing readers. A developing reader is a child who can read short words and speak basic English.

A child typically reaches this level when they are 6 or 7 years old.

Simbi Free

For learners 6-12 who are reading at grade level and who are motivated to read and need more books!


  • Responsive Library
  • Motivational Journey game
  • Weekly Report Cards
Simbi Reading Coach

For learners 6-12 who are struggling to read at grade level or looking to accelerate past grade level.

$140+ / mo

  • Private tutoring
  • 12-point Reading Assessment
  • All Simbi Premium features


Watch as your child learns to love reading

Wanting to read improves reading achievement. This is why Simbi is built to respond to every child’s interests and reading level.