Literacy for the Next Generation

For kids ages 6-12 who are struggling to read, Simbi motivates them to love reading, boosting reading achievement faster.

 Simbi's Benefits

Motivational Reading Journey

A gamified reading experience.

Earn badges, succeed at fun challenges and explore new worlds with your own Simbian.

Proven Progress

The data and guidance to support your learner and see real progress.

"Report Cards" explain reading level and specific areas of success and struggle to show how they've progressed and what skills to focus on.

Responsive Library

1000's of books by diverse authors allow every child to see themselves in what they read.

Content suggestions are picked by Simbi journey to match your child's level so they are challenged but not overwhelmed.

Make a Social Impact

Learners join a global community of readers and share their voice, joining a library of kids supporting kids along their reading journeys.

Young readers hear others from around the globe, understanding that not everyone is alike. As part of this safe community, kids are able to increase their compassion, and self-efficacy.

For Parents

What level of support is right for your child?

Simbi is designed to support developing readers. A developing reader is a child who can read short words and speak basic English. Typically a child reaches this level at 6 or 7 years old.

Simbi Free

For learners 6-12 who are reading at grade level and who are motivated to read and need more books!


  • Responsive Library
  • Motivational Journey game
  • Weekly Report Cards
Simbi Reading Coach

For learners 6-12 who are struggling to read at grade level or looking to accelerate past grade level.

$140+ / mo

  • Private tutoring
  • 12-point Reading Assessment
  • All Simbi Premium features

For Educators

What plan is right for your class?

Simbi is the platform designed by educators for educators. If you are an elementary educator of developing readers who is struggling to find the time to deliver a literacy program you're feeling good about, we can help.

Simbi Free

For elementary educators who are looking for diverse books to read with their whole class.


  • Responsive Library
  • Add learners to your virtual class
  • Create Assignments
  • Track class progress
  • Listen-in to narrations
School or District License

Inquire for Pricing

For elementary schools

  • All Simbi for Educators Features
  • Professional development
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Special pricing for 10+ licenses

Turning Learning Readers Into Reading Leaders

Simbi is a very user-friendly reading platform. It’s the best I've come across as a school teacher - organizing small groups is very easy on Simbi! I like that adding students is a breeze too. My students respond really well to Simbi. They love unlocking different Simbians using the stars they collected. They like the Journey map too. 

Kristy Jang Grade 4 & 5 Teacher

Great experience working with Simbi Reading Coach! Our main goal was to make sure that our son was developing a reading habit, and it works! After three months of Simbi's sessions, our son asked to buy some books at the school fair for the first time :)

Artyom Parent

My students are loving Simbi! In just two weeks of using Simbi in my classroom, my students have contributed over 221 read aloud narrations to support global literacy.

Jessie Claudio Math & Sciences Teacher

Simbi has turned our reluctant reader into a word-hungry bookworm! He’s reading everything in sight, and has advanced at an incredible pace. The platform is fun, fulfilling, and completely effective. Forever grateful for Simbi.

Jazmin Parent