About Simbi

What do we do?

We’re passionate about making reading even more meaningful and accessible — for yourself and for readers around the world.

With Simbi’s range of products, we encourage reflective reading practices, culturally-diverse narrator accents, and habits of giving back to community through the act of reading.

Our Partner Charity

While Simbi builds software that supports reading, our partner charity, Simbi Foundation, works with underserved communities to install educational infrastructure.

The BrightBox, a shipping container turned solar-powered classroom, is one solution that Simbi Foundation installs. This classroom also includes Simbi in an offline format.

When you read on Simbi, you support global literacy with the power of your voice! Your narrations can be heard by learning readers around the world, as well as readers in refugee & remote communities in Uganda and India.

Learn more about how Simbi & Simbi Foundation work together.

Simbi's Ecosystem 

Everything that we do at Simbi centers around the learner. Given that our mission is to support kids to read more books more often, we believe that building a platform that enables diverse learners to have reading experiences optimized to their unique needs and then empowering their support network of educators and parents to support them in their reading journey is the best way to execute our mission.

Our Values

Prioritize Impact 

Celebrate people

Dream big, then make it happen

Embrace research

Embody a growth mindset

Here’s our Awesome Team

We work with teachers to make Simbi better every day.

Our teacher team works to design our curriculum, curate content, develop learning materials, and help build new features.

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