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For kids ages 6-12 who are struggling to read, Simbi motivates them to love reading, boosting reading achievement faster.







Simbi Premium

Motivational Reading Journey

A gamified reading experience that increases time spent reading. Earn Badges, succeed at fun challenges and explore new worlds with your own Simbian.

Responsive Library

1000’s of books by diverse authors allow every child to see themselves in what they read. Books are suggested on the Simbi Journey to match your child’s level so they are challenged but not overwhelmed.

Learning reader to global leader

Kids like hearing their own voice. Simbi encourages them to narrate the books they read and share them at home or with Simbi’s network of learners for global impact.

Proven Progress

Simbi Premium gives you the data and guidance to support your child and see real progress. Weekly Report Cards explain reading level and specific areas of success and struggle to show how they’ve progressed and what skills to focus on to improve faster.


What they say

Simbi has turned our reluctant reader into a word-hungry bookworm! He’s reading everything in sight, and has advanced at an incredible pace. The platform is fun, fulfilling, and completely effective.
Forever grateful for Simbi.

Jazmin - Parent

Simbi helped me learn to read. It is a lot of fun, and I even get to earn stars to access cool Simbi avatars! My favourite part is narrating books to help people around the world! 

Eli - 7 year old learner

How it Works

Sign Up

Signing up as a "Learner" can be done in less than 2 minutes. Both a learner and a parent use the same log-in so you don't have to remember multiple passwords.


Subscribe to Simbi Premium for $9.99/month and keep access to Simbi's motivational reading journey and progress reporting.

7-day Free Trial

Try before you buy! Experience Simbi Premium for 7 days free. You will be automatically enrolled in the free trial when you sign up.

Start Reading

Simbi's responsive library will automatically suggest the right books at the right time to your learner through their journey. As they read, narrate and share their voice with other learners, they earn stars and unlock hidden challenges to keep them reading more books more often.

The Science behind Simbi

Simbi's methodology is scientifically proven to boost reading progress faster


Bimodal Reading

Simbi harnesses the power of bimodal reading - reading while listening - and the production effect - reading aloud increases recall - to quickly solidify fluency and comprehension.


The Production Effect

When we narrate, we remember words or information about a text more easily than if we read silently. This is called the ‘production effect’ (MacLeod, 2011). After we have narrated, we are more easily able to access the words and information from our memory, locking in comprehension and new vocabulary.


What age is Simbi for?

Simbi is designed to support developing readers.

A developing reader is a child who can read short words and speak basic English. Typically a child reaches this level at 6 or 7 years old.

Simbi's responsive library has thousands of books that will interest learners reading up to a grade 7 reading level.

Children all progress in their reading at different paces, so as a guiding principle, we recommend ages 6-12 due to our content being most appropriate for a grade 1-7 reading level.

How much does it cost?

Simbi Premium is $9.99/month.

Simbi also has other product offerings for learners needing more support. For more information, see our plans page.

What languages is Simbi available in?

Simbi's primary language is English. Simbi's responsive library also includes content in French, Spanish, Tibetan and select Indigenous languages.

How do I create an account?

My child uses Simbi at school, how do I use it at home, too?

Simbi lets you read at home and at school on the same account.

You can login using the same username and password, or SSO login that you use at school!

Once the accounts are connected, your child's teacher can see the progress they're making at home and you can see the progress they are making in class.

This ecosystem is what makes Simbi so powerful: our platform creates an environment where your child can be supported by every important person in their reading journey, their parents and their educators!

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Watch as your child falls in love with reading

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