Turning Learning Readers Into Reading Leaders

For kids ages 6-12 who are struggling to read, Simbi Reading Coach is private tutoring with an evidence-based curriculum that is tailored for each learner so they are motivated to love reading, boosting reading achievement and confidence faster!


What parents are saying

Now she wants to read us a story at night as opposed to us reading her the story. We can definitely see an improvement in her reading. Her coach is so great! She is very engaging and patient.

Rachel - Isabella's Mom

Simbi has turned our reluctant reader into a word-hungry bookworm! He’s reading everything in sight, and has advanced at an incredible pace. The coaches are wonderful and the platform is fun, fulfilling, and completely effective. Forever grateful for Simbi

Jazmin - Eli's Mom

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1-on-1 Personalized Coaching Sessions

Improve your child’s reading skills, confidence, and engagement in 90 days with our fun, high-impact, weekly reading sessions led by our friendly, experienced coaches.

Customized learning plans with proven results

Personalized learning and instruction tailored to meet your child’s specific reading needs. 

Diverse library and engaging platform

Learners can access 1000s of diverse books, immerse themselves in an exciting reading journey, and use incredible platform features to accelerate reading progress in between coaching sessions.

Hear the difference

Listen to your child’s narrations, and compare the narrations they’ve recorded to hear the progress. Receive regular updates and reports on your child’s progress.

Learning reader to reading leader

Your child will develop confidence, become engaged in reading, and find joy in the reading process. Watch your child want to read and enjoy sharing their reading success with others!

Onboarding Experience

Parent attends an orientation session

A parent attends a 30-minute orientation session with a Simbi Reading Coach expert. This session will better explain our coaching program and allow you to assess if it is a fit for your child and family.

Learner attends an assessment session

The learner attends an assessment session with a Simbi coach. Simbi coaches are experienced educators who will perform a 45 minute reading fluency and comprehension assessment with your child. This session is also a chance for an initial meet and greet with your child's potential coach and gives them the ability to form an initial bond. This session has a one-time cost of $40 to book.

Parent attends an assessment review session

The assessment review session is a 15min meeting where a Simbi expert explains the learner's 12-point reading fluency and comprehension report to the parents. It is also an opportunity for the parents to ask any additional questions prior to enrolling in Simbi Reading Coach. 

Learner begins sessions

Once a family decides to subscribe, your Simbi expert will work to find a weekly recurring coaching session time that is convenient for your child's schedule. You can choose to enrol in once-weekly or twice-weekly sessions depending on how quickly you'd like to see your child progress. 

Improved reading skills
in 90 days. Guaranteed.

If, for any reason, your child does not show measurable improvement in their reading fluency and comprehension in 90 days, Simbi will refund the costs of your coaching sessions.

Our Research-Backed Curriculum

  • Explicit teaching of foundational reading skills
  • Systematic Instruction: sequentially starting with simpler skills and progressing to more complex
  • Responsive feedback to target your child's needs 
  • Personalized curriculum including books and other resources to increase motivation and progress
  • Consistent practice and skills reinforcement
  • High engagement between learners and coaches
  • Encouraging coach feedback

Reinforce strong reading habits between sessions with an included Simbi Premium subscription

  • Motivational Journey

  • Proven Progress

  • Responsive Library

  • Make a Social Impact

A gamified reading experience. Earn badges, succeed at fun challenges and explore new worlds with your own Simbian.

Simbi Reading Coach

1x per week

For learners 6-12 who are struggling to read at grade level and value individualized support.

$159.99/ mo

  • 1x per week private tutoring
  • 12-point Reading Assessment
  • All Simbi Premium features

Simbi Reading Coach

2x per week

For learners 6-12 who are struggling to read at grade level or looking to accelerate past grade level as quickly as possible.

$299.99/ mo

  • 2x per week private tutoring
  • 12-point Reading Assessment
  • All Simbi Premium features

Let's help your child fall in love with reading