Let’s Help Your Child Discover the Joy of Reading

One-on-one reading coaching for 6-12 year old English language learners, tailored to your child’s needs. Guaranteed to improve your child’s English reading fluency in 90 days!

Simbi is supported by

1:1 Weekly Coaching Sessions

Personalized Curriculum

Research-backed Approach

Regular Assessments

Insightful Reading Reports

Flexible Scheduling

How It Works

– 1- 

Schedule an Orientation Session

Parent attends an ‘Orientation Session’ with one of our Simbi experts.

– 2-

Reading Assessment

A Simbi Coach will complete an assessment to determine your learner’s reading ability. This will allow Simbi Reading Coach to customize lessons to his or her reading level as they work toward their own unique learning goals.

– 3 –

Personalized Coaching

Recurring weekly 1:1 sessions with a custom-matched Simbi coach on the Simbi platform.

– 4 –

Regular Progress Reports

Parents receive personalized updates on their child’s progress.

Researched-based Curriculum

  • Explicit teaching of foundational reading skills
  • Systematic Instruction: organized sequence starting with simpler skills and progressing to more complex skills
  • Responsive feedback to target your child’s needs
  • Personalized books and curriculum plan of texts and curriculum resources
  • High engagement between learners and coaches
  • Consistent practice and skills reinforcement

  • Encouraging coach feedback

An investment in your child’s English reading skills that will last a lifetime.


Simbi Platform Helps your Child Discover the Joy of Reading in English

Thousands of Free Books

Always-accessible library with diverse books to read anytime, anywhere-free!

Simbi Makes Reading Fun

Explore fascinating new worlds, and earn rewards as you progress along your Reading Journey.

Kids Earn volunteer Hours

Your child will earn Volunteer hours by narrating books and helping others around the world learn to read.

Track Child's Progress

Stay up to date with your child’s reading activity, and discover areas for improvement.

The research-backed approach to developing powerful reading skills in English

“I’ve never seen my students so motivated to read!”

Vancouver Talmud School used Simbi to champion global citizenship and read more than 300 books among their 5&6 students during literacy week.

As your child improves their reading skills, they make a positive global impact!

Kids, parents, and teachers love Simbi!








Great experience so far working with Simbi reading coach and doing assignments! Our main goal was to make sure that our son was developing a reading habit. And it works! After three months of Simbi’s sessions, our son asked to buy some books at the school fair for the first time.



Simbi has turned our reluctant reader into a word-hungry bookworm! He’s reading everything in sight, and has advanced at an incredible pace. The coaches are wonderful and the platform is fun, fulfilling, and completely effective. Forever grateful for Simbi ♡



I could write a book about all the good there is to say of Simbi. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking an engaging and rewarding journey into reading and writing.



Simbi helped me learn to read. It is a lot of fun, and I even get to earn stars to access cool Simbi avatars! My favourite part is narrating books to help people around the world! Yay!


7 years old

Simbi Platform Built by Educators

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Speech-Language Pathologist

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Simbi Coaches

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Frequently Asked

How do I get started with Simbi Reading Coach?

1- Parent attends a free Orientation Session with one of our Simbi experts.


2- Child attends a Reading Assessment Session with a reading coach.


3- Parent attends an Assessment Review Session to look over the child’s assessment report and the personalized plan.


4- Family subscribes to Simbi Reading Coach for personalized 1:1 reading sessions with a custom-matched Simbi coach & unlimited access to the Simbi reading platform.

How does Simbi Reading Coach work?

– Learners meet with their reading coach for a 30 minute one-on-one online session, once a week.

– Coaches assign books for the learner to read in between sessions in the Simbi reading platform.

– Coaches monitor and track learner’s reading activity during the week and provide feedback on the platform. 

– Learners have unlimited access to thousands of books any time of day to read on the Simbi Journey and create a global impact with their voice!

Who teaches for Simbi?

Our Simbi Reading Coaches come from all around the world and have diverse backgrounds and experiences. They’re as unique as our learners! We custom match each learner with a specific coach that meets their needs.


Coaches have a University degree with at least 2 years of teaching experience, outstanding communications skills, and have completed a background check. They enjoy creating a positive social impact and are willing to empower learning readers to become reading leaders!

Why are the sessions once a week and 30 min. long?

Simbi Reading Coach makes a connection between the latest research and teaching instruction. Research on child development generally concludes that the period of time for which a typical child can maintain focus on a given task is two to three minutes per year of a child’s age.

What research is the curriculum based on?

The curriculum is inspired by the science of reading and the structured literacy approach to teaching reading in collaboration with Reading Power Gear Ltd.

What is the Reading Assessment Session?

Our Simbi coaches will complete an initial assessment to gauge your child’s current reading ability and English level. This assessment will provide valuable insights so we can better support them in their growth as a reader.
Areas assessed:

  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary Knowledge
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills

Coaches also note interests, strengths, attention span and more to determine the best starting point to develop powerful reading skills.

Simbi Reading Coach

Let’s help your child love reading!

Simbi Reading Coach

    • 1:1 weekly coaching reading sessions
    • Researched-based curriculum
    • Personalized coaching sessions
    • Regular assessments and progress reports
    • Convenience and Consistency: Lessons are scheduled at the same time each
      week, providing structure and consistency for our learners and families
    • Cancel anytime!

Full Access to Simbi Platform

      • Your child can access and practice reading 24/7
      • Thousands of books for every reading level and interest
      • Fun reading games that will make your child enjoy reading
      • Kids can listen to other kids narrations
      • Narrate and practice speaking in English


$140 Billed monthly

Simbi Reading Coach – Private English reading fluency coaching guaranteed to improve fluency in 90 days.

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