Ever wonder how a story gets published on the Simbi reading platform?  In this post, I will share the “behind the scenes” publishing process of one of our most popular Simbi Original series.

As a digital global library, one of our goals is to ensure that we have books on the Simbi platform for every child, every age, every reading level and every interest.  Stories, poems, information – you name it, and you can find it in the Simbi Global Library!  Most teachers and parents know that one of the most popular topics kids LOVE to explore is SPACE!  Planets, black holes, galaxies far, far away – many readers just can’t get enough of the mysteries and wonder of space.

Last year, the Simbi content team and the H. R. MacMillan Space Center in Vancouver, Canada came together for a new mission.  The MacMillan Space Center, also known as the Planetarium, is B.C.’s top space science attraction, inspiring visitors with shows, exhibits, and unique special events.  Since its opening in 1968, The Space Center has evolved into a welcoming community resource center providing engaging opportunities for everyone.   It’s a popular attraction for families, tourists, and schools visited by over 145,000 people every year.  

H.R. MacMillan Center – Vancouver, Canada 

As part of their ongoing mission to educate the community about the wonders of space, H.R. MacMillan offers a wide range of articles and activities on their website. This fascinating space content is available for free through their blog posts, videos and YouTube videos.  However, the material is written for older, more proficient readers (Grade 7 to adults).  That’s where Simbi comes in!  As many of our readers are younger and some are just beginning to read, we came together to bring the world above us to the little ones among us!   Simbi collaborated with H.R. MacMillan to adapt their blog posts so that our more developing readers could also immerse themselves in the fascinating world of space!  


Many of our Simbi content writers and editors are also experienced educators.  They have worked closely with younger readers and are very familiar with the type of sentences and vocabulary that these readers are able to access.  

In order to modify the information, our expert Simbi writer starts by carefully reading the original blog, written by one of the H.R. MacMillan space experts.  


After reading over the information carefully at least twice, the writer begins to simplify the sentence structure and vocabulary, making it more suitable for a beginning or developing reader.  Important facts from the original post are included and carefully re-written so that younger readers can understand it easily.  

Below is an example of an excerpt taken from the original MacMillan blog about Asteroids and the modified version adapted by one of our Simbi writers.  

ORIGINAL SENTENCE (Read the complete H. R. MacMillan blog post HERE

But while scientists are confident that a giant asteroid crashing into the Earth contributed to wiping out the dinosaurs, they don’t know exactly where the asteroid came from or how it made its way to Earth.

SIMPLIFIED SENTENCE (Read the complete text in the Simb Library HERE

Scientists believe that a giant asteroid crashed into Earth 65 million years ago, and wiped out the dinosaurs.


After completing the modified passage, the text is then sent to one of our expert editors.  The editor carefully reads over the text, comparing it to the original, and ensuring that the information is accurate, that the passage is clear and easy to understand, and that any errors are corrected.  


Applicable images are then added to the passage.  These images are either taken directly from the original blog or from other sources. Many of the images for this series come directly from NASA!


Finally, the story is uploaded onto the Simbi platform and is ready for Simbi readers to read, enjoy, and narrate for others! 


If you have any space-loving beginning or developing readers in your house or class, you have come to the right place!  Currently, we have sixty-seven Simbi SPACE stories in our library for readers ranging from grades 2 – 8!  Now that is a lot of Space facts!  

So sign up for a free Simbi Account and soar into the terrestrial world of OUTER SPACE!  

Below is a sample of our most popular Simbi Space passages from the simbi library.  Click the link for a sneak peak!  Or view the full list HERE  ENJOY!   







Thanks for stopping by!  Happy reading and space exploring on Simbi! 

About the Author Adrienne Gear

Adrienne is a teacher, author and speaker from Vancouver, BC She has over 25 years of elementary teaching experience and has written seven professional books for elementary teachers in the area of reading, writing, and thinking. Adrienne is also a Literacy and Learning advisor with the Simbi Read for Good platform. She is a well-sought after speaker and speaks to educators across the country and around the world. She is passionate about reading, children’s literature, and all things west coast. Adrienne currently lives in Kelowna, BC with her husband and their dog.

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